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random book meme

How old were you when you learned to read? Since I can remember

What's the first book that you remember reading? The Cat in the Hat

What childhood books / series did you most enjoy? Goosebumps, Girl Talk

What were you reading in your teens? Shakespeare, X-Men comics, Oscar Wilde, Atlantic Monthly, Entertainment Weekley and Seventeen magazine

What were you reading in your twenties? Shelley, Byron, Rowling, Joyce, Woolf, Goethe, historical fiction, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Kerouac, Nietzsche, Marlowe, Gaiman, Lovecraft…

What are you reading now (is it a phase or standard reading fare for you)? Dr. Faustus, something I’ve been wanting to read since reading Goethe’s

Do you enjoy erotic fiction? Eh, not really

Do you enjoy romantic fiction? Eh, prefer romantic poetry

Do you have 'guilty pleasure' reads? Fanfiction, Twilight

Is there a genre/title that you particularly want to like but don't seem to 'get'? Science Fiction, mostly

If you were (or indeed, are) a writer, what do you think you would be writing? Something terribly melodramatic with some odd humorous moments

If you were to have a line from a book engraved on your tombstone/memorial stone, what would it be? “Do not pity the dead, only the living, especially those who live without love”
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just saw lolita

Clare Quilty is my new hero

What a cunning -awesome- bastard

No wonder everyone loved him

And I'm fairly certain Peter Sellers was a fellow ENFP, and sexual 7 obviously, I mean I just feel it, and quotes of him saying "I have no personality of my own" and erratic film and dating history just confirms it
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Writer's Block: The Right to Privacy

Should some parts of celebrities' lives be off-limits to the public, or is giving up privacy a fair price for being famous?

I wouldn't say it's fair. I think less of people who make their living exposing the common, everyday details of innocent people's lives. I don't really care much for celebrity gossip, but the jokes can be amusing sometimes and I have to admit I've played service to that.

But it is a reality for anyone who obtains "celebrity" status. I can't imagine why anyone would seek that kind of attention, unless they could control it some way, but that's a slippery slope. Once you open the door to let people like that into your life, getting them out can become quite an ordeal.

My own "brush" with celebrity might be why I have this crippling fear of success now. Success and celebrity don't really go hand in hand, even in this industry, both can be pretty lucrative. So I push through because I feel like I have to, because this is what I do, this is my thing, but success is pretty far from my mind. I don't mind being judged as long as I know and/or can see the person making the observation, false or no. But false accusations from complete strangers? And even paparazzi aren't necessarily on "speaking terms" with their leads, generally, some might. It makes for an interesting dynamic for a friendship to say the least. I smell sitcom! Course, I imagine with a little more exposure, I'd just shrug and get used to it. I generally got over my initial shock of "strangers judging me" after about an hour. Obviously not completely, but whatever. May or may not change how I act in public. Might want to give them something to talk about. Might want to give them nothing. Just depends on the day with me.

Funny, I always feel like I have an uncanny ability to turn an issue back to me. lol. I'm not that concieted. Really. Honest. Stop laughing.

So, yeah, short answer, yes, some aspects of celebrities' lives should be private, but because that's apparently not going to happen, it's just something to deal with. It's the price of fame.
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lol, I'm Adam West

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Bringing Up geckos (CBS, 10:30): pack1ife (Adam West) and cloud8 (Amy Poehler) find a lost donkey at the doctor's office. Later, xfortytwo (Matt Dillon) bakes 500 cookies for a bake sale, but mmailliw (Monica Bellucci) eats them all. Soon afterwards, sunflower_pixie (Josephine Baker) makes lots of money playing guitar on the street and makes piratevogue (Diane Keaton) jealous. Afterwards, eternal_loyalty (Ed Asner)'s new shirt bleeds in the wash and stains all of whatsername_05 (Bernadette Peters)'s underwear pink. The week after, rvillarrubia (Matthew McConaughey) tells ladynyks (Thora Birch) about Scientology. TV-MA.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)
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xfortytwo's mythical creature meme will take over the world

What mythical creature am I?
[x] You are rather wild, and let your instincts run you.
[ ] You get drunk a lot.
[x] Bravery and boldness is second nature to you.
[ ] You have a deep love for astronomy and the universe.
[ ] You like to read your daily horoscope.
[x] You have a high level of pride in yourself.
[ ] In the woods is the best place for you to be.
[ ] The horse is your favorite animal.
[x] You are possessive and territorial.
Total: 4

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Let's go out to the movies...

Just saw Watchmen OMG
Already noted that the boy reminds me of Dr. Manhattan. He noticed the use of Philip Glass's score from Koyaanisqatsi for the music playing during Jon's story. It's his, uh, favorite film, and composer, lol. Just cracked me up, the coincidence.

I sort of miss the alien plotline now.

I mean, sure the one they came up with was a lot more plausible, but Moore's alien-creature thing was a lot more creative.

And Adrien Viedt's victory dance was lackluster compared to the "Yes! I was right!" exclamnation in the comics. He was pretty, but, eh...didn't get 'Smartest man in the world from him', or someone trying to be the next Alexander the Great, just someone more like Niles Crane who thinks he is, but doesn't have the conviction. Too effeminate looking, I think. The eye make-up might've been a bit much.

Frankly, so was Kovacs, lackluster that is, or the actor playing him. Granted, I understand it's difficult to emote from behind a mask, and transitioning can't be easy, but COME ON! Same for the New Frontiersman. What, did they take like an hour to shoot that scene? Amateurs.

But it did manage to redeam all my least favorite characters. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was fabulous and sympathetic as Edward Blake, The Comedian, but then, that seems to be his gift. Sally and Laurie quickly rose to be better female characters than Alan Moore portrayed. But then Zach Snyder's had his cookie-fill since the scene with the Spartan Queen stabbing her rapist in the middle of the senate meeting, so, no real surprises there. He did make Laurie's motivations seem completely about sex/intimacy, which, while understandable, just rubbed me the wrong way. Could've just been the actresses orgasm face though. CANNOT UNSEE. Lol. Because, really, we're in the middle of a frikkin war and all you can think about is fucking!!!1 So, yeah, no cookies from me.

And Nite Owl II/Dan Dreiberg!!!!! KICKED SO MUCH ASS!!! Almost redeaming the lack of Hollis as an old man, having his last fight-out with the angry townspeople. I can understand why everyone seems to love him. The production team seems to have clearly selected him as the favorite of the group. I'm glad they did. Moore dumbed his influence down too much. Which is fine, because that's what Dan does anyway, but it was nice to see him finally come into his own more too.

Also saw Public Enemies Thursday...night...it was cool. Saw part of Transformers II again too, until it started. The old-bot Jetfire, Shia Lebeouf going crazy and the blue toy radio controlled truck were the highlights. Though I found the ebonics over-the-top to the point of being unrealistic and offensive. But then the series itself was witty, often over-the-top and expansive enough that it could probably go on for several more films -- so as long as Spielberg and Michael Bay like spending money...whatever.

Michael Mann didn't suck this time. Historical inaccuracies are expected in historical fiction. Could've been a little more responsible in the glorification of the bank robber lifestyle. Seemed like, as with Last of the Mohicans and Miami Vice, Mann dressed it up a bit much. But Depp and Bale play off eachother well. Even when they weren't anywhere near eachother. Bravo, editing. Hoping to see them do more work together. Buddy comedy, please? With homoerotic subtext...moreso.
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Best of the 90’s

This is just me cleaning up my computer, comment, debate, w/e

1.Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme-Nerf Herder
2.Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
3.I Put A Spell On You-Bette Midler and Hocus Pocus Cast
4.We Do-The Simpsons OST
5.Butterfly-Tori Amos
6.Kissing You (Love Theme From Romeo + Juliet)-Des’ree
8.Popular-Nada Surf
9.Closer-Nine Inch Nails
10.Father of Mine-Everclear
11.The Bad Touch-Bloodhound Gang
12.Don’t Speak-No Doubt
15.Criminal-Fiona Apple
16.Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve
17.The Unforgiven-Metallica
18.Zero-The Smashing Pumpkins
19.Who Will Save Your Soul-Jewel
20.Celebrity Skin-Hole
21.Freak on a Leash-Korn
22.I Will Survive-Cake